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Budapest has best value for Brits

Plane in the sunset26/03/13

By Daniel Machin

Britons looking to get the most from their holiday spending should head to Budapest.

According to a table of 25 cities compiled by Post Office Travel Money, the Hungarian capital offered the best value for money.

Tourists wanting to purchase a total of 12 typical city break items, including meals and accommodation, would pay just £134.76 in Budapest.

In comparison, holidaymakers in Stockholm in Sweden and Copenhagen in Denmark would have to fork out £420.36 and £440.45 for the same items - making them the most expensive cities in Europe.

Vilnius in Lithuania, Warsaw in Poland and Riga in Latvia are other good value destinations where Brits can get more bang for their buck, with the range of items costing £140.99, £151.69 and £155.34 respectively.

But with the pound falling against most currencies in recent weeks, prices for British holidaymakers have risen year-on-year in 22 of the 25 cities in the table.

Stockholm has witnessed the biggest rise in costs, up by 33 per cent, followed by Riga, up 30.7 per cent, Boston in the USA, up 28.4 per cent, and Vienna in Austria, up 26.3 per cent.

The three exceptions were Berlin, where prices were down 1.5 per cent, Prague in Czech Republic, down 6.8 per cent, and Lisbon in Portugal, down 19.1 per cent

Andrew Brown of Post Office Travel Money said that rising prices, combined with the falling value of sterling, is making it more important than ever to check the cost of key items before booking.

Paying for things like meals, drinks and sightseeing soon adds up - hitting costs that most city break tourists cannot avoid.

"There are big price variations across Europe - not just in the eurozone," he declared. "This means UK holidaymakers can make their pounds stretch further by choosing a cheaper capital like Lisbon or Budapest."

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