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The future of energy generation

Artist's impression of a solar island

To reduce global reliance on fossil fuels, much research is being made into more sustainable ways of generating power. Take a peek into a possible future here.

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Think green to save energy - and money

a lightbulb made out of a plant

Energy costs have been coming down recently, so bills shouldn't hit households quite as hard as they did last year when they rocketed through the roof

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Ethical personal finance

solar panel and wind turbine energy farm

You don’t have to volunteer for a conservation project in the Amazon rainforest to have a positive impact on the environment – real differences can be made without having to leave your familiar surroundings.

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Ethical choices for your monthly bills

a lightbulb made out of a plant

As the song goes, it’s not easy being green. Just as you expect to pay more for organic food, there was a time when you accepted paying a premium for making ethical choices when arranging your insurance provider or electricity supplier.

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Top money saving tips for ethical living

Smart meter

There’s no doubt that the UK is moving towards a more sustainable way of life. We should expect to see more measures like the government’s recent plans to reduce our carbon emissions by 34% in the next 11 years and by 80% before 2050 by using more renewable energy.

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The big six’s green energy tariffs

solar panel and wind turbine energy farm

Everybody’s getting into green (renewable) energy these days – including the Big Six energy providers. Here’s a rundown of the various green tariffs available from the energy giants.

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A guide to fuel mixes

Wind farm

Since 2005, all UK electricity suppliers have had to tell us what makes up the electricity that comes into our homes. This is called ‘fuel mix disclosure’ and it’s a requirement of energy regulator Ofgem.

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Make your white van green

Van insurance

If you’re a van owner – it’s time to go green. Emissions, greenhouse gases, car tax and eco-friendly cars continue to be hot topics. So it’s only a matter of time before attention is focused on you and your load-lugger.

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Energy supplier obligations: What should they be doing for us?

Gas energy

We know energy suppliers provide us with our much-needed gas and electricity, but there’s a whole lot more they’re supposed to be doing too. After all, lights turning on and cookers heating up are just one small part of the service you pay for.

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To meter or not to meter: A question of water consumption

Family Kitchen

The suppliers of your water will calculate your bill in one of two ways – either measured or unmeasured. So either you’ll have a water meter, or you won’t.

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