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Home insurance warning as UK flood risk increases

Flooded street
Increased flood risk will lead to higher home insurance costs and could lead banks to refuse to lend on affected properties, a government report warns.  Read More…

Driving in 2012: New laws, telematics and more price rises?

2011 calendar

Last year was tough for drivers: more price rises, a few law changes and big headlines for the car-insurance industry. So will 2012 be just as eventful? We look at what’s coming up and how it might affect you.

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Severe weather warning as storms lash UK

Row of flooded houses

An Atlantic storm which has brought strong winds to the UK on Thursday will continue into Friday, with gale force gusts of up to 165mph in some areas, says the Met Office.

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Cyclists and motorists complain of clashes

Cyclist on the road

Almost 12 per cent of drivers want to see cyclists pay some form of road tax, according to our exclusive poll. Our exclusive research shows that not enough action is being taken to ensure our roads are as safe as possible for both cyclists and motorists.

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Motorists v Cyclists: One expert's view

Motorists vs cyclists expert's view video

Sustrans is the sustainable transport charity responsible for promoting cycling across the UK. We asked Sustrans’ Chief Executive, Malcolm Shephard, what has been done in recent years to help cyclists and motorists get along.

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Caught on camera: Motorists' rage against cyclists

Cyclerage video thumb

Russell Jones is a keen cyclist and is fed up of drivers’ attitudes towards those on two wheels. He challenged his anti-cyclist friend Adam to ditch his car and travel to work by bike for a whole week.

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Smarter driving saves £500 a year on fuel

Model car on coin piles

Fuel prices may be sky-high now but new findings show the average motorist can save around £500 a year on fuel by applying simple driving tips.

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Can small energy firms offer a better deal than the Big Six?

Close up of a gas hob

Four of the UK’s Big Six energy firms have hiked prices in the past two months, but there are a number of smaller firms offering gas and electricity. Are they cheaper?

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Why is getting rid of rubbish such a chore? logo on the laptop screen

Can ridding your home of unwanted items make you a tidy profit? Or will you have to pay for the privilege?

  Read More…’s guide to generating domestic renewable energy

solar panel and wind turbine energy farm

If you want to go green and save money on your electricity bill, why not start generating power yourself.’s simple guide can show you how to become a green energy generator as well as a consumer.

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