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Guide to the perfect cwtch

Ah, the cwtch (pronounced "cuch"): It's all things cheerful, snuggly and warm! Different to the typical hug or cuddle, the cwtch is an intentional embrace, meant to bring warmth and a sense of safety to those who need it. Here's our step-by-step guide to the perfect cwtch.

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To Have and to Hold Cwtch

A Step-By-Step Guide to the Ultimate Cwtch

Ah, the cwtch (pronounced “cuch”): It’s all things cheerful, snuggly, and warm! Different than the typical hug or cuddle, the cwtch is an intentional embrace meant to bring warmth and a sense of safety to those who need it. Until now, the cwtch has primarily rested in the hands and hearts of the Welsh. But in the gloomier months of the year, the rest of the UK can benefit greatly from this lovely activity. If you care to spread good cheer, follow this step-by-step guide to executing the ultimate cwtch.

Choose Your Location: A cwtch is most effective in a room that is slightly cold, thereby encouraging two individuals to generate warmth by cwtching. However, you don’t want the room too cold. 

Warm Up: Get limber by doing some basic stretches. The best cwtch lasts a long time; so focus on the areas you know are likely to get tight. 

Communicate Lovingly: A cwtch without words can be awkward. Verbally communicate what you appreciate about the other person and why they deserve such a loving cwtch. After all, a cwtch should help build a bond of friendship between two hearts. 

Prepare to Embrace: The proximity and duration of any cwtch depends upon the type of relationship that exists between both parties. But you must start by positioning your bodies in a way that allows for closeness to occur. Open your arms and create a nook for the other person to enter.

Embrace warmly: As your cwtch partner enters your arms (their arms may be open or closed), it’s important to maintain the embrace until some semblance of warmth is achieved. 

Shift Positions: Allow the other person to change their position, thereby allowing you to respond to their request for a loving cwtch. 

Let Go: At some point (this can be after a minute or many hours), one person must decide to let go and end the cwtch. 

Plan the Next Cwtch: The person who lets go first must make plans for the next cwtch, noting when and where this tender embrace will occur. 

Repeat: Repeat steps 1-8 with the same person, or someone else who looks like they could use a good cwtch.


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