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Smartphone apps for healthy living

Whether it's to quit smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, or manage a chronic illness, consumers around the world are using their smartphones as their own personal wellness coach. We take a look at the popularity of health-related smartphone apps.


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An App a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Using Mobile Apps to Manage Personal Health

Whether it’s to quit smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, or manage a chronic illness, consumers around the world are using their smartphones as their own personal wellness coaches.


Taking Health Into Their Own Hands

As more people adopt smartphones, more are downloading apps to help them track or manage their health.

  • At the end of 2010, 9% of cell phone users had apps on their phones to help them track or manage their health.
  • By 2015, experts predict 30% of smartphone users are likely to use wellness apps.


Add-On Devices Popular With Fitness App Users

Not only are people using health and fitness apps, but UK and U.S. smartphone owners also are buying devices to pair up with their apps.

>> 62% of smartphone owners interested in fitness apps who exercise at least once a week would purchase sensors (pedometers, heart rate monitors, etc.) to monitor their performance and enhance their app experience.


Weight-Loss Aids Dominate Mobile Health Apps

Of the various categories of mobile health apps available, weight-loss and exercise apps represent the majority of those available on iPhone and Android.

Top Mobile Health App Categories On iPhone And Android, by Downloads

  • Weight Loss and Exercise
  • Women’s Health
  • Sleep and Meditation
  • Pregnancy
  • Tools and Instruments
  • Reference
  • Emergency

* Among the top 150 mobile health apps from both iPhone and Android app stores.


Fan Favorites: Health App Usage On iPhone Versus Android

Calorie-counting and weight-loss apps are favorites for iPhone and Android users, but other favorites differ by platform.

  • iPhone users are 7 times more likely than Android users to pay for health apps .
  • Android users are 10 times more likely than iPhone users to download reference apps.

Most Popular iPhone Health Apps:

  • Lose It!
  • Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker
  • Pregnancy Tracker
  • iMapMyRun
  • Period Tracker Lite

Most Popular Android Health Apps:

  • Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal
  • Calorie Counter by FatSecret
  • Alarm Clock Plus
  • Instant Heart Rate
  • Noom Weight Loss Coach

* Popularity determined by downloads of the 150 top health apps for both platforms as of 31 March 2012.


With Doctors On Board, Everyone Wins

Healthcare providers are now recognising the benefits of patients using mobile apps to manage their health. Both patients and doctors have much to gain.

Benefits to Patients:

  • Easy access to health information
  • Better personal health and quality of life
  • Self monitoring and diagnosis
  • Lesser doctor’s visits
  • Lesser treatment costs

Benefits to Healthcare Providers:

  • Lesser costs per patient
  • Improved service and efficiency
  • Coverage to bigger population
  • Better patient monitoring
  • Optimum resource utilisation



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