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9 more things that look like me

Humans are finding things that look like me - BRIAN the Robot - all over. Here are nine more lookalikes.

Hello again internet-viewing humans,

People on The Twitter are frequently comparing me to items they have found on their travels. And also to other robots. What do you think of these comparisons?

1. The vacuum pumpbot

Mr Anthony Fisher (@AnthonyFisher13) saw a similarity in this vacuum pump. It also has the same name as me:

2. The cardboard boxbot

Daniel McLaughlin (@McMoof) met this lookalike in his workplace:

3. The binocubot

Mr Dan (@dan_bevington) is hopefully using my likeness to look at cars:

4. The Smash martianbots

Mr Malcolm (@malcmorton) thinks the martians from the old Smash adverts may be my ancestors:

5. The rockbot

It has been calculated that this rock looks like me. Thank you to shmowen morgs (@owenmorgs) and his mum:

6. The baby BRIANbot

Mr William (@TripleExpresso) calculates that a mini-BRIAN would look like this:

7. The muppetbot

I was compared to this old-fashioned robot from a Muppets film by Richard Hepburn (@FigoRCZ):

8. The Vietnamese lightbot

Janet Rogers (@JanetRogers15) saw this in Vietnam, and wondered if we were related:

9. The dialysisbot

Furry Monkey (@1furrymoney) thinks I look like their dialysis machine:

Have you seen anything which you calculate looks like me? Please tweet your lookalikes to @BRIANtheRobot. Bye bye!

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