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Halloween's a scream with

Something spooky's going on...

It’s a creepy time of year, when the supernatural spills over into our realm. But there’s no need to be afraid... If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em we say. So why not check out our spine-tingling, blood-chilling, shriek-inducing games, videos and infographics?

Play our Home sweet zombie game!


The undead have risen, and they’re in your neighbourhood! Just enter your name and postcode below, and you can see what a zombie attack would be like in your area. And hold on to your braaaaiiinnnssss!

The social media zombie apocalypse

Two cartoon 'social media zombies'

The zombie apocalypse is already upon us. Social media has turned many of us into drones. We've checked out of the real world to obsessively, compulsively, and often unwittingly check our various accounts. Have you seen one of these social media zombies walking among us?

Why zombies can't protect their families

Picture of a zombie family

With Halloween upon us, take a look at an important issue that zombies face every day: why they can't protect their families.

Haunted house insurance

Haunted house insurance

Even if your house has an angry ghost roaming around, you can still live in your haunted house with minimal fuss. Just follow these tricks for hassle-free living.

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