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  • Date Insurance - Cover for your disaster dates

Date Insurance - Cover for your disaster dates


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*If you haven't guessed by now, this is a joke - there isn't really such a thing as Date Insurance. But wouldn't it be nice if there was?

**Source: Watson Car Insurance Price Index Q4 2012
For more information, see the Watson Car Insurance Price Index.

Living single: Redefining the traditional household structure

Living single infographic teaser

The rise of financially liberated and positive singles in the UK has implications for home buying. Where are all these singles going to live? Singles living in multiple occupant shared homes, or MOSHers, are reshaping the traditional household and how friends handle finances together.

UK singles reimagining relationships & finances

Singles have their say infographic teaser

UK singles are changing the perceived value of friendships, relationships, and marriage. Singles are placing more importance on friendships, making marriage less of a priority, and want institutions and society to recognise it.