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James Cuff

Joey Essex launches the Compendium of Confusion by

Share: have teamed up with Joey Essex to launch our 'Compendium of Confusion', designed to educate the British public about the issues they are most about.

Watch our video showing Joey describing specific topics, including the Scottish Referendum, to Mastermind champion Clive Dunning and meeting BRIAN the Robot for the first time.

Joey said "I was really happy to see that so many other people didn't know the answer to things like why the Easter date changes every year or why they are no longer printing the £50 note. I was totally when I heard that Scotland wanted to be a separate country as I wasn't even sure that we were part of the same country before!

"I am well excited to have the chance to take part in the launch of the Compendium of Confusion and I look forward to seeing what people are about every month, and see if they are as as me -- for now I am learning a lot like what compendium means. Meeting BRIAN the Robot was reem: he's a cool little robot and he's been teaching me loads - hopefully we can hang out more in the future!"

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