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I love my car!

Lulu Butt & her VW Camper

Lulu and her VW Camper

Lulu Butt lives in Taunton, Somerset with her two girls Sasha and Mimi and their VW camper van called ‘Meg’. The campervan is baby blue, comes with a little kitchen, fold down beds and plenty of room for buckets and spades.

Since buying Meg in June 2010 Lulu has been reaping the benefits of this little mobile home. "The girls love Meg, she's definitely part of the family now. Having Meg means I can take the girls off for a day at the beach or a weekend away whenever we like, it’s so easy because she has everything we need. The girls love being in Meg so the journey there is almost as much as the day itself"

"As a family we've always had names for our cars, before Meg I had a bright orange vespa called Vince and my sister used to have a classic mini called Bert. Having that attachment to your vehicle definitely makes a difference when it comes to taking care of it, it sounds silly but the girls love washing Meg and making her look all clean – I just don’t think we’d feel the same if she didn’t have that personality that comes from naming her.”


Lulu Butt's VW Campervan

Cat Buckland and her Land Rover

Cat Buckland Land Rover

Catherine Buckland got her Land Rover Freelander 4x4 nine months ago and says “I love my car's become a part of the family!”. Read more about Cat Buckland

Yasmina Jones and her Porsche

Yasmina Jones and Porsche

Yasmina Jones - 27 years old - lives in Twickenham, and has recently become the proud owner of her Dad’s Porsche 944S2 Cabriolet. Read more about Yamina Jones

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