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Roadworks put back for bank holiday

Motorway traffic jam22/08/13

By Daniel Machin

More than 98 per cent of motorways and major A-roads in England will be clear of roadworks over the bank holiday weekend in a bid to help motorists reach their destinations with minimum disruption. 

The Highways Agency has announced that 151 miles of works will be put on hold on a number of routes across the country, while 328 miles of maintenance is due to be completed before the mad rush begins on Friday.

Nevertheless, restrictions will remain in place at 25 locations so road trippers should be sure to plan their journey before setting off.

Among the roadworks staying in place are those on the M1 near Leicester, on the M5 near Bristol and on a northern section of the M25 in Hertfordshire.

"This will be a great help to people travelling during the holiday - more lanes will be open and many speed restrictions will also be lifted," said Highways Agency traffic management director Simon Sheldon-Wilson.

"Our traffic officers and the police will work to clear up any incidents as soon as possible but we advise drivers to check weather and travel conditions before any long journey."

The suspensions will be in place from 6am on Friday until midnight on bank holiday Monday, as millions of people are expected to take advantage of the extended weekend.

Traffic information company Inrix expects Friday to be the busiest day, with the south-east of England taking the brunt of the traffic.

Roads in the area likely to be up to 35 per cent busier than normal, something which could add up to 25 minutes on to a 60-minute journey.

Sections of the M25, meanwhile, are forecast to be the busiest areas for those returning on Monday, followed by the section of the M4 from Reading in Berkshire into London. People travelling back on this day are advised to leave before 10am in order to avoid the worst of the traffic.

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