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M25 most boring motorway

Traffic jam on the M2507/11/12

By Chris Gibbings

The M25 has been voted the most boring motorway in a survey of 1,000 UK drivers, closely followed by the M1 and the M6.

The poll by Allianz Your Cover Insurance also found drivers in Worcester thought their roads were Britain's most boring, with roads in Chelmsford and Plymouth following the West Midlands city.

The study also revealed that up to 76 per cent of drivers became bored on the road and more than half of this number revealed that boredom led to loss of concentration, with the top-rated ways of avoiding boredom being to listen to music, sing along with it or eat snacks.

Traffic jams were the main hate for motorists, followed by other drivers, potholes, speed cameras and the rush hour.

Drivers over 55 were found to be three times more likely to be annoyed by potholes than motorists aged 18 to 24. Motorists also reported that weariness at the wheel was best beaten by avoiding jams, better road surfaces and good scenery.

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