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Festive goodwill lost on the roads


By Mark Stillman

Christmas seems to bring the worst out of motorists, a new poll suggests.

Drivers claim goodwill towards other road users has been in short supply this festive season, according to the survey by Halfords Autocentres into how winter affects vehicle users.

Christmas sees a rise in bad motoring behaviours such as impatience, aggressiveness and a lack of consideration, it found.

Nearly one in four drivers who took part in the study claimed they feel that unfriendly, bad-tempered conduct is a big issue over winter.

Motorists' selfish winter driving

Such selfish driving includes failing to allow motorists out at junctions, lane hogging and not indicating.

In addition, one in five drivers observed a hike in aggressive and impatient driving - this included tailgating, speeding and using car horns or lights to intimidate other road users.

Rory Carlin from Halfords Autocentres said: "From our survey drivers are noticing a general lack of courteous driving at this time of the year.

"It seems that the festivities take their toll on the nation's road manners and tempers flare leading to less kindness and unselfish behaviour from some motorists.

Road conditions are a cause for concern

"We know that winter road conditions are a cause for concern among motorists but they also feel that ill-mannered and aggressive behaviour by other drivers is making things worse.

"As 2014 starts a good resolution would be for all drivers to be more considerate."

Wet, dark and slippery conditions mean over one in three drivers are fretful or genuinely frightened about driving at this time of year.

Halfords has teamed-up with former SAS Sergeant Major and survival specialist John "Lofty" Wiseman to provide drivers with tips on how to get through the coldest season.

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