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Dads drive better than mums, say children

Two children on a car carousel13/11/12

By Tim Groves

New research has revealed that prejudice against women drivers and the perception that they are not as good as men starts at a very early age.

A 1,000-strong survey of five to seven-year-olds, which was carried out by the RAC, has discovered that the majority think their dad is a better driver than their mum and also that they are far more accomplished at parking.

Mums were also found to be more prone to using bad language in front of their children in the car but almost twice as many of the respondents said that their mum was better to be in the car with than their dad.

And, when asked what annoyed them most about being in the car with their parents, bad taste in music, singing out of tune and shouting at other motorists all featured prominently on the list of responses.

The youngsters were also asked to identify some common symbols found in the car such as the petrol light, which some thought represented aliens or a gas mask but the vast majority correctly recognised it.

However, only 28 per cent were able to identify the temperature symbol, with some children saying it was a boat, lighthouse or lollipop, and just 24 per cent knew what the airbag sign meant, with some saying it looked like a rollercoaster, a snail or "a pregnant lady".

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