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Rise in road rage on the school run

School road sign landscape imageA third of parents say driving children to school is more dangerous and fractious than travelling to work or into town, according to exclusive research by

The school run is increasingly a bone of contention for parents.

More than a quarter of parents - 26 per cent - have witnessed or been involved in an argument with another parent outside of the school gates over a parking space.

And 10 per cent of parents have been involved in a crash or bump while on the school run.

It’s no wonder 32 per cent of the 2,000 parents we polled say driving children to school is more dangerous than driving to work or into town.

School run road rage hotspots

The West Midlands is the most dangerous place for school runs, according to the research.

Around 17 per cent of parents on the school run in this area have been involved in a crash or bump, compared with only 7 per cent of drivers in the north east of England.
And 19 per cent of parents in the West Midlands have seen a child injured outside school by a car, compared with 11 per cent in Northern Ireland.

The West Midlands is also a blackspot for road rage and rows.

A third of school run parents in the West Midlands have witnessed or been involved in an argument with another driver.

The south east of England is also prone to heated school runs, with 30 per cent having seen or been involved in an altercation outside the school gates.

Schools now hiring parking wardens

The situation is so bad that some councils are now recruiting parking wardens to patrol outside schools.

Gloucester Council says the wardens will clamp down on dangerous driving, illegal parking and road-rage.

It is hoped that this scheme will reduce accidents and rows outside of the school gates.

Two-third of parents polled supported this initiative.

School run parents snub walking & public transport

Half of parents admit their children could easily walk to school, while 37 per cent say there is convenient public transport.

A third of parents – 32 per cent – blame time constraints as the reason they take their children to school by car.

A similar number say to worry for their offspring's safety is the reason they ferry their children to school.

And 21 per cent of parents admit that they drive their children to school simply because they demand it.

Walking bus

Charity Road Safety GB is promoting the walking bus - a group of children walking to school together under the supervision of one or more adults.

Spokesman James Gibson says: "We all know that the school run can bring congestion and parking issues.

"Operating a walking bus provides a safe and environmentally friendly way for children to travel to school.

Walking buses help to promote good road sense and parents can often save time and money.

"Of course, walking buses do take a bit of organising but council Road Safety Teams across the country often have help and advice to support the setting up of schemes."

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