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Fuel prices reduced by 3p this week

Putting petrol in a carNew reduced fuel prices are to come into effect at Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's supermarkets.

Both petrol and diesel prices will be cut by 3p per litre this week.

This offers a slight relief for motorists who have had to contend with rising fuel prices.

According to Asda, which has 195 filling stations in the UK, global oil prices have come down and they want to ensure that consumers benefit from this dip in cost.

Price cuts

Prices at Asda's forecourts will be no greater than 129.7p per litre for petrol and 134.7p per litre of diesel.

Andy Peake, director of petrol trading for Asda, said: "Motorists will be pleased to know fuel is now at the lowest price in over a year as prices have fallen 11p since their peak in April.

"Unlike other retailers, our price cuts benefit everyone across the country, meaning that no-one filling up at Asda will be forced to pay a premium for their fuel."

Cutting costs

A spokesperson for Sainsbury's said: "From Tuesday we will be cutting petrol and diesel prices in our petrol stations by up to 3p per litre.

"Sainsbury's is committed to delivering great value and helping customers cut down on cost wherever possible."

You can work out how much it will cost to fill up your tank with our fuel price calculator.

Petrol price calculator

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