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Driving tips: Etiquette rules for back-seat drivers

Driver being annoyed by his passengerAccording to exclusive research from, back-seat driving is UK motorists' number one pet hate, with our partners proving to be the worst offenders.

In the past year, 20 per cent* of British motorists had to fork out up to £500 to repair accidental damage they claim was caused by distracting back-seat drivers.

Classic moves like the not-so-subtle look at the speedometer and the imaginary brake pedal push are the most annoying, according to the survey.

That's why we at have teamed up with Debrett's, the etiquette experts, to put together the back-seat drivers' etiquette guide. It's a collection of driving tips for those in the passenger seat. Just click 'expand' on the item below to have a read.

Print your own back seat driver etiquette rules for passengers

In case your passengers don't get a chance to flick through the etiquette booklet, here's a printable list of the top etiquette rules for car passengers.

Print it, cut it out and hang it on the back of the front seat or stick it to the dash on the passenger side.

Now they've got absolutely no excuse for those annoying back-seat driver habits. Click here to download and print the pdf.

But if you want even more ammunition against comments from your passengers like: "You just got overtaken by that mobility scooter," arm yourself with some quick comebacks to silence back seat drivers.

*Research conducted by Onepoll for with a survey base of 2,000 respondents in April 2012.