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Travel insurance jargon buster

Mallorca travel

Do you find the jargon associated with travelling and travel insurance a little baffling? Well fear not - we’ve put together a handy glossary of travel insurance terms, which should hopefully make everything as clear as the Azores skies.

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Know your policy: Extra goodies in your travel insurance

Travel goodies

If you’re off travelling, taking out insurance is a must for pretty obvious reasons. However, there are also reasons for taking out insurance which may be a little less obvious.

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Travelling with a medical condition – a guide

A doctor and a patient

Getting travel insurance if you have a pre-existing medical condition can be tricky and/or expensive... Is it possible to get it at a reasonable price?

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Travel health tips to help you have fun in the sun

A suitcase on the beach

Summer holidays are just around the corner, and while it should be time to kick back and relax, there’s a whole host of health perils trying to spoil your fun in the sun, including sunburn, bites and DVT.

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Travel checklist – 6 top tips for your holiday

Nice Beach

Whether it's Majorca, Morocco or the Maldives, many of us are planning our summer escape. But as departure day looms, you may be panicking about getting it all done in time.

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UK family holidays that won’t break the bank

Family holiday

As households continue to feel the pinch, many families – totalling some 15% of Brits – will take a UK break this year instead of heading overseas.

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How to plan the perfect ‘staycation’

Family holiday

A combination of financial worries, a weak pound, and a longer-term trend towards taking domestic breaks will see many of us shunning foreign destinations, and relaxing closer to home this summer.

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Travel insurance – your ideal holiday companion

Travel goodies

Whether you're staying in this country - or heading to sunnier shores - you may be picking out a new pair of sunglasses or stocking up on sun-cream, but one thing you must remember to pack in your luggage is a travel insurance policy.

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A beautiful beach

With the world in the grip of recession, fewer people are looking to travel abroad. However, what many may not realise is that the credit crunch can equal affordable holidays, and travel companies are falling over themselves to get your business.

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Algarve coast

Peaceful, idyllic and free of other holiday-makers, pack your bags – and your travel insurance - for a break like no other.

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