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esure car insurance

esure car insurance
Customer Services
0845 603 7874
0845 603 7872
  • The Equinox
  • 19 Cadogan Street
  • Glasgow
  • G2 6QQ

Why choose esure car insurance?

  • UK only call centres
  • 5 Year guarantee on repairs (if carried out by recommended repairers following an insured incident) 
  • Courtesy car as standard (if your car is being repaired by our repairers, following an insured incident)

esure car insurance: facts

  • esure has been offering car insurance since 2001
  • By their 5th birthday they had over 1 million customers
  • All UK based call centres

esure car insurance aims to give you quality service in a household brand that you can trust.

esure car insurance also allows you to protect your no claim discount for the life of your policy (subject to terms and conditions).

Remember, buying esure car insurance direct is not necessarily cheaper – you get the same deal or better with