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EU Gender Directive:
What you need to know

From 21 December 2012, insurers can no longer price premiums based on gender differences.

This means that more reasonable costs for females are now a thing of the past. Find out all you need to know about the ruling with the articles on this page.

And find out how you can beat premium hikes in other ways.

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EU Gender Ruling: How to beat the price hikes

A toy car with pound coins falling out of it

The EU gender ruling will see car insurance price rises, especially for young women, from 21 December. We've compiled a list of ways to reduce insurance costs whatever your gender.

EU Gender Ruling: Your need-to-know guide

Flag of the European Union

The EU Gender ruling will lead to a rise in the cost of insurance for millions of Brits. But 53 per cent of people don't know it's happening. We explain all in this need-to-know guide.

Why is the EU interfering with our car insurance prices?

Flag of the European Union

Almost 50 per cent of motorists haven't heard of the EU gender directive, according to research by But motorists need to act now to beat the resulting car insurance price hikes.

EU Gender Directive: No sex please, we’re European

Flag of the european union

From 21 December new EU rules will ban insurance companies from taking a person’s sex into account when calculating costs. We look at the affects on people approaching retirement.

Life insurance: Women to pay the price for equality

A two pound coin

Gender discrimination or equality? Women live longer so they pay less for life insurance than men. But the cost of cover for women is set to rise following an EU ban on using gender to set insurance prices.

Car insurance price index

Car insurance price index

How much should you be paying for car insurance? Check the latest Car Insurance Price Index, in association with Towers Watson.

How insurance will change after 21 December

How insurance will change after 21 December factsheet

The pricing of car insurance, home insurance and annuities is changing on 21 December. Download our factsheet and see how you'll be affected.

UK caught in the gender blender: Report

Gender blender has compiled this comprehensive report on how the population looks at gender, how the gender lines are being blurred and what effect this is having on wider society, not just our financial products.

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