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Car insurance under 25

Don't let your age stop you getting a good deal on car insurance

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Why is insurance for under 25s so expensive?

Younger drivers tend to face higher car insurance premiums, even if they're long rid of their L plates, but why is that?

When it comes to calculating the cost of your premium, insurers take lots of different factors into consideration. Things like:

  • The engine size of your car
  • Your location
  • The cost of repairing your car
  • Whether you have any no claims bonus
  • Any driving convictions you may have
  • If you've previously made a claim

One of the major factors not listed above, is your age. This is used alongside historical claim data to calculate the risk involved in insuring you.

Unfortunately, if you are under 25, the data shows you're at a much higher risk of being involved in an accident and subsequently making a claim than any other age group. This is why insurers charge so much to provide you cover to be out on the road.

For an in-depth explanation on factors involved in pricing insurance, take a look at our guide to how car insurance is calculated.

Don't take risks by driving uninsured

Affording the price of insurance is obviously a major issue for many young drivers who struggle to stump up the money for a large one off premium that can sometimes cost more than the price of the car. 

Whilst it may be tempting, driving without insure is illegal and can lead to fines, court appearances and losing your licence.

According to a report from the Motor Insurer's Bureau (MIB), there are an estimated 34 million drivers in the UK, of which 3.5% (1.2 million) are uninsured and each year uninsured and untraced drivers kill 130 people and injure 26,500 innocent people*.

If you're unsure what to do in the event of being hit by an uninsured driver, take a look at this blog for tips on what to do

*MIB data August 2012

Adele Oliver Did the job.

Adele Oliver Jun 2013

grey avatar silhouette of person Best price on the internet, easiest comparison website to navigate and the cash back has been greatly appreciated!

Andrea Armenise Jun 2013

grey avatar silhouette of person Great quotes, easy to use system.

Andrea Lynch Jun 2013

grey avatar silhouette of person I've used the last 3 times I have got car insurance and always find them to be the best site. Best prices and easy site to use, also very friendly staff.

Angela Wyllie Jun 2013

grey avatar silhouette of person Great deal, very easy to do. Saved over £100 but it turned out to be with the same underwriter. So very worth doing!!

Carol Barnes Jun 2013

grey avatar silhouette of person Had a renewal quote for well over £300 and didn't confuse me when they found a policy for under £200. Well done!

Daniel Barraclough Jun 2013

grey avatar silhouette of person Saved me the best part of £250, that will do me, the new insurance company have been very good as well.

Darran Andrews Jun 2013

grey avatar silhouette of person Very quick and easy. The best bit was saving £130 on our car insurance.

Eleanor Mace Jun 2013

grey avatar silhouette of person Good product. Excellent money saver. Will certainly use again. House insurance too I imagine.

Frank Lucas Jun 2013

grey avatar silhouette of person Saved me £130 to renewal, and £220 to another. Plus, it came up at £1500(apx) cheaper than the most expensive on offer. Makes you wonder what some companies are playing at.

James Foster Jun 2013

grey avatar silhouette of person Thank you for saving me money. I have used before because it's so easy to do.

Jean Farmer Jun 2013

grey avatar silhouette of person It was great to be able to compare the suppliers and change configuration to eliminate the unsuitable ones e.g. to get only the ones including European cover. Keep up the good work.

John Evans Jun 2013

grey avatar silhouette of person I checked many comparison sites and was the easiest and also the cheapest! Saved at least 200 pound compared to the others. Would definitely recommend to others :)

Jorden Holmes Jun 2013

grey avatar silhouette of person Very good, cheap and easy to use.

Joseph Mcdonald Jun 2013

grey avatar silhouette of person Very easy and efficient service. I saved a lot of money, as this was my first car insurance.

June Abbott Jun 2013

grey avatar silhouette of person Everything went smoothly and very easy, no complaints and all very straight forward. Thank you.

Lee Povey Jun 2013

grey avatar silhouette of person Amazing and easy to use. First & last look for car insurance this time.

Luke McRae Jun 2013

Michael Lay A simple site to use, all details covered to enable me to get the best deal on my car insurance. I will be using every year for my car to make sure I keep the costs down.

Michael Lay Jun 2013

grey avatar silhouette of person Very good, thank you for saving me money. I will use you again.

William Sparks Jun 2013

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What sort of insurance should I be considering?

As well as traditional policies like third party only, third party fire and theft and comprehensive, insurers are increasingly coming up with alternatives to help tackle the issue of increasing costs and the needs of drivers.

Telematics/black box insurance

  • By fitting a small black box to your car, it's possible for insurers to monitor how well you drive (your speed, braking, cornering etc.) and base your premium on the results.
  • Why consider it? - It creates personalised insurance based on YOUR driving rather than the average driver under 25

To find out more, head over to our telematics page.

Multi car

  • If you're part of a family that has more than one car, it's possible to add all the cars to a single multicar policy.
  • Why consider it? - Multi-car policies allow you a discount for each car you add to the policy (up to a max of 5) and with all the cars on one policy, you have a single renewal date rather than separate ones for each car.

If you'd like to know more, take a look at our multi-car page.

Adding a named driver

  • If your partner, parent or guardian has an existing insurance policy and you only need to use the car occasionally as a named driver, you may want to consider asking them to add you as a named driver on their insurance policy. 
  • If you think this might be the best option for you, there's a couple of important points to remember. Firstly, being added as a named driver does not make you the main driver or user of the car, this should be the main policy holder and person that owns the car, it just means you're covered for occasional use of the car. Secondly, many insurers charge a fee for adding new drivers and most don't allow you to collect no claims bonus as a named driver (check your policy details for exact details). 
  • Why consider it? - It could suit your circumstances if you only need to borrow your parent or partners car occasionally and they're happy for you to be a named driver.

Take a look at our named driver guide for more information.

Temporary car insurance

  • If you have access to a car and need weekend insurance, one day insurance or cover for a short period like when you're on holiday from University or off to a festival, temporary insurance could be the answer. It allows instant short term cover from one day to twenty eight days and is available for purchase up to thirty days in advance.
  • Why consider it? - Provides cover for shorter periods rather than committing to an annual policy 

Head to our temporary insurance page for more information.