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Top five festive travel tips

The view from a train door window

Whether you're hitting the shops or battling miserable weather to see friends and family, make sure you're on the right track this winter by reading our top tips for festive train travel.

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Why Faro is the place to be logo on the laptop screen

There’s so much more to the Algarve’s capital city than its airport. Next time you find yourself in the arrivals hall, don’t bolt straight for the EN125-10 to the bland, cardboard cut-out resorts and make a beeline for the city.

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How to own multiple cars without multiplying the cost logo on the laptop screen

Back in the day, families would have been lucky to own one car, but now it’s fairly common for a single household to have several cars parked on the family drive.

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Blog: High pension fees rob retirement income

Calculating your finances

Personal finance author David Craig says it is time to lay out a few important facts about the high cost of pensions and why your retirement income is not as big as it should be.

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Could hourly car hire cut the cost of motoring?

City Car Club video

Need the flexibility of a car but don’t have your own motor? New short-term car hire firms are popping up all over the UK so we put one to the test.

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Riots: Will your home and motor insurance cover you?

A burnt out van in the London riots

Insurance companies will honour claims made on home and motor insurance policies for damage incurred in the riots that are sweeping England, it has been confirmed.

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solar panel and wind turbine energy farm

If you want to go green and save money on your electricity bill, why not start generating power yourself.’s simple guide can show you how to become a green energy generator as well as a consumer.

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Stop before you switch and avoid paying exit fees

blue gas flame pound symbol

Read the latest Money Talks blog to find out how you can avoid energy company exit fees.

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Speed up your broadband: A step-by-step guide

The back of a broadband modem

Slow broadband? Read our step-by-step guide on how to get your connection up to speed.

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Why the stock market can be more profitable than 'cash' logo on the laptop screen

Investment expert James Daly explains why he believes the stock market can be a more profitable home for spare cash.

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