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How do I get temporary car insurance?

A car key electronically opening a carMost car insurance policies generally run for a year. But there may be times when you need short-term cover, such as for one day or a month. That’s where temporary car insurance comes in.

Temporary car insurance covers you for driving someone else’s vehicle or someone driving yours, and there are plenty of instances where this short-term cover may be required.

When you need short-term cover

You may decide to borrow a relative’s more reliable car for a long journey. Or you may be moving house and need a friend’s estate car in which to transport your stuff. Perhaps your usual car's in for repairs.

Rather than the owner of the car having to act as your chauffeur, you can take out temporary car insurance and do the job yourself.

They may also be useful if you've bought a new car, but have yet to sort out permanent insurance.

What temporary insurance covers you for

Temporary or short-term car insurance guarantees you’ll be comprehensively insured for the car you're borrowing, and that your no-claims discount is protected when lending your vehicle to someone else.

Buying the policy itself is straightforward. The majority of companies allow you to arrange the policies online or over the phone. And it takes just minutes to get a quote, so you could be on the road in no time.

Generally, temporary car insurance policies last from one to 28 days. In the vast majority of cases, this'll be more than enough time to meet your temporary needs.

Short-term cover may seem a lot more expensive than an annual policy when you compare both on a daily-rate basis. But when you only need protection for a limited time, it allows you to be flexible.

A further benefit is that any no-claims bonus you've built up on your current car will not be lost should you have an accident while behind the wheel of another vehicle.

Finding the right temporary policy

Short-term car cover can cost as little as £10 a day. But this'll depend on factors such as the driver's age and their vehicle, as well as the area in which they live. 

Young woman driving

Although most will be comprehensive policies, it's possible to find third-party, fire and theft cover as well.

Bear in mind that your previous driving history, such as convictions and previous claims, will play a part in the decision of the insurance company.

Some insurers will allow customers to add European cover for an additional charge, which might prove useful if you’re driving abroad. teams up with has teamed up with to provide you with short-term car and van insurance at a great price. insures more than half a million drivers, and provides cover for 18 to 75 year olds.

Get cover in less than five minutes with your policy documents delivered online. Start your search for temporary car insurance here.

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