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Tipping etiquette around the world

A small amount of Euros in a tip bowl
Tipping abroad... Should you do it? When? And how much? We help you navigate this minefield of money and manners here.  Read More…

The world’s weirdest coins and currencies

As if you needed another reason to love money, here are some of the strangest currencies from around the world.  Read More…

Festival travel: which way is best?

Driving to a festival
Wondering how to get to your festival? Our list of pros and cons could help you decide.  Read More…

13 best festival performances

Nirvana reading

We rank the best ever festival performances.

  Read More…

Why does it always rain at Glastonbury Festival?

Glastonbury festival
Every June, thousands of festival-goes get rained on at Glastonbury Festival. Why does it always rain?  Read More…

Your 2015 festival calendar

packing suitcase
If you're a frequent globetrotter but aren't sure where to go next, here's a handy guide of brilliantly unique events around the world.  Read More…

19 festival goers who probably wished they'd stayed at home

Crowds enjoying themselves at festival
Sunburn, boredom and ill-judged stage-dives, festival life is not suited to everyone.  Read More…

Festival essentials checklist

Festival essentials
Take a look at our essential festival checklist for top tips on what to pack, and how to survive your big weekend.  Read More…

Which festival are you?

festival crowd
Not sure which festival to go to this summer? Why not take our festival personality quiz to find out where you truly belong.  Read More…

5 wacky alternative festivals

Bognor birdman challenge
From Bogsnorkelling to cheese rolling, we celebrate some weird and wonderful events across the UK.  Read More…

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