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Press releases reveals the cars topping the speeding charts*

  •  01 Feb, 2012
Photo of speedometer

New research from car insurance experts at reveals which cars are most likely to be driven by those who have committed driving offences.

  Read More… / Towers Watson Car Insurance Price Index Reveals an Average Policy costs £844

  •  12 Jan, 2012
Price index

Car insurance prices have risen at a higher rate than inflation in many regions over the last twelve months.

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Shoppers turn to swapping instead of shopping

  •  19 Jan, 2012
Swap shop

Gift swapping is on the rise and to celebrate its Nectar points promotion, is bringing back the spirit of nostalgic TV show ‘Swap Shop’...

  Read More… responds to consideration for drug driving enforcement

  •  05 Jan, 2012
photo of medic caring for patient responds to consideration for drug driving enforcement from the Department of Transport.

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Young driver insurance can cost more than 18% of annual salary

  •  20 May, 2012
Driving under the influenza

Young drivers are paying an average of £2,499 for their annual comprehensive car insurance according to figures* from and Towers Watson. Meanwhile the older generation are statistically the cheapest to insure, with average premiums costing an average of just £440 per year for 66-70 year olds.

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‘Gender has never mattered less’, say experts as Europe’s gender-neutral rules hit the UK

  •  23 Nov, 2012
gender symbols

‘A new battle has begun in Britain’s long-running sex wars. All differences between men and women must be wiped out and victory will only be declared when we have a Gender-Blind Britain.

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Nervy Brits call for UK driving laws to follow Europe

  •  02 Jul, 2012

With two thirds (66%) of Brits' road trips abroad experiencing some form of motoring mishap, asks if it's finally time for the UK's driving laws to fall in line with Europe.

  Read More… encourages Twitter users to beat the January blues with a "cwtch"

  •  16 Jan, 2013
couple infront of fireplace

Ahead of the supposed most depressing day of the year, Blue Monday (21 January, 2013), new research by reveals that all people need is a hug to brighten up one’s day. In fact, 87% of Brits say a simple cuddle would make them feel happy.

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Energy rationing by customers to keep a lid on cost

  •  04 Feb, 2013
A lit gas hob

New findings from Confused.com¹ show that 45% of UK households are avoiding switching...

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Final of the ‘Big 6’ suppliers announces prise rise

  •  10 Dec, 2012
Graph of gas price breakdown

Today (10 December) energy supplier E.ON has announced an average rise of 8.7 per cent in energy prices, effective from 18 January 2013*. The January price rise means the firm is taking the first opportunity to raise prices following its pledge not to do so in 2012.

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