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Last reviewed 20 June 2022.

Why choose Tripsure travel insurance?

  • A travel insurance specialist
  • Flexible approach, with three levels of cover available
  • Various optional extras, including a medical consultation service.

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Who is Tripsure travel insurance?

Tripsure was set up in 2011 with the mission of providing flexible travel insurance. It offers different levels of travel insurance cover and plenty of optional extras. Tripsure is based in Horsham, West Sussex and only uses UK call centres, offering reliable customer service. Tripsure also has an online member area, where you can manage your travel insurance policy and file claims.

Tripsure prides itself on being able to offer high-quality overseas emergency medical assistance. This is administered by risk management and healthcare solutions specialist, Healix.

Its emergency medical care units aim to apply the highest medical standards to hospitals and treatment centres in places with poor medical resources.

Tripsure is a trading style of Avidia, which also operates the Insurance Republic travel insurance brand. Avidia is an appointed representative of insurance broker IMF. Tripsure’s travel insurance policies are underwritten by Chaucer, a long-established insurance group.

Tripsure travel insurance policy details

Tripsure offers annual single trip and annual multi-trip travel insurance with three levels of cover to choose from:

  • Bronze is the lowest level of cover
  • Standard is the mid-level of cover
  • Platinum is the highest level of cover

With Tripsure annual and single trip travel insurance, you'll get:

Medical expenses and repatriation cover with all annual and single trip travel insurance policies. You'll get £10 million of cover for emergency medical expenses, including for repatriation if medically necessary.

Personal accident cover as a £10,000 lump sum payment in the event of an accident, where the loss of life, limb or sight occurs during your trip due to an accident. Standard or Bronze cover offers up to £5,000 for personal accident.

Personal legal liability cover up to £2 million of cover with all Tripsure annual and single trip travel insurance policies. This insures you if you become legally liable for injuring someone or damaging their property.

Cancellation cover for unrecoverable travel and accommodation costs if you can’t begin your holiday or if you have to cut your trip short. You get £2,500, £1,600 and £1,000 of cancellation cover with Platinum, Standard and Bronze respectively.

Travel delay/missed departure cover, so you can claim up to £300 for travel delays with Platinum and a maximum of £200 with Standard or Bronze.

Platinum and Standard Tripsure cover also let you claim for missed departure, up to £250 and £100 respectively. This covers you for additional travel and accommodation expenses to reach your booked destination.

Trip abandonment allows you to claim for irrecoverable, unused accommodation and travel costs if you chose to cancel your trip after a travel delay of at least 24 hours.

With Platinum and Standard Tripsure travel insurance, you can get up to £2,500 and £1,600 respectively if you abandon your trip.

Personal possessions cover lets you claim up to £1,600 in the event your personal possessions are damaged, destroyed or stolen with Platinum or Standard cover. Bronze cover provides £1,000 of cover for personal belongings.

Money that's stolen during your trip while you’re carrying it or while it’s being kept in a safe deposit box is covered up to £400 with Platinum. Standard and Bronze both provide £300 of cover for personal money.

Loss of passport covers you for extra travel and accommodation costs if your passport is lost or stolen. You can claim up to £300 for loss of passport with Platinum, or £250 if you take out either the Standard or Bronze cover.

Covid-19 cover provides:

  • Cover for medical claims due to coronavirus while abroad, including repatriation where necessary. However, if you’re over 40, you need to have had the recommended number of doses of an approved COVID vaccine 14 days before your trip begins.
  • Cover for additional accommodation if you’re unable to return home due to being told to self-isolate while abroad.

Tripsure travel insurance optional extras

With its emphasis on flexibility, Tripsure offers a range of optional extras that you can add to your travel insurance cover:

Winter sports & skiing cover is ideal if you're going skiing, insuring you for medical expenses if you have an accident on the slopes. It also offers insurance for your ski equipment.

Sports & hazardous activities cover covers additional activities that aren't included as standard. For example, if you’re planning on abseiling or going on an elephant ride then you’ll need to take out Tripsure’s sports & hazardous activities cover.

You should check the policy wording before you buy to be sure which sports and activities are already covered by Tripsure travel insurance.

Mobile phone, tablets & gadgets cover protects you against stolen or damaged electronic items while on holiday, including mobile phones, laptops and games consoles.

Legal cover will give you cover for legal costs to pursue compensation if you suffer personal injury or death while on your trip.

TripDoctor is a medical consultation service that gives you one-to-one access to a UK doctor by phone or video wherever you are in the world. You can discuss symptoms and get a diagnosis quickly without having to wait for an appointment with a local English-speaking pharmacist or doctor.

Contact Tripsure

You can reach Tripsure at the following address:

The Courtyard,
30 Worthing Road,
RH12 1SL

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