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Defaqto: what does the rating mean for travel insurance?

Ever wondered what those stars mean on your travel insurance policy? It’s probably the Defaqto rating. 

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When you buy a travel insurance policy, you want to know what you’re covered for. 

You’ll want a good quality policy too, not just the cheapest option. 

So how do you find this out when you’re comparing travel insurance policies? One way is the Defaqto rating. 

We look at what the Defaqto rating is, and how it works for travel insurance. 

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Who is Defaqto? 

Defaqto evaluates financial products using a star rating. The company specialises in financial products, ranging from insurance to credit cards. 

You might be wondering how Defaqto is different from other review sites. 

Most sites base their reviews on customer opinion or feedback. Defaqto bases its reviews on the quality of the product. 

Drawing on over 25 years’ experience, Defaqto researches all financial products and looks at what they offer. Through its in-depth research, Defaqto can compare products and rate them. 

The Defaqto ratings help you to make an informed decision on the quality of the financial product you’re buying. You’ll also get a good idea of what features and benefits come with the policy. 

Defaqto is an independent company too, so all product ratings are unbiased. 


What is the Defaqto rating? 

When Defaqto looks at a financial product, the company evaluates what the product offers. 

With travel insurance, Defaqto looks at the level of cover the policy provides. For example, whether the policy you’re buying offers cancellation cover or not. 

Sticking with the travel insurance example, Defaqto will also compare one travel insurance policy with another and rate them using its star system. 

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What does the Defaqto star rating mean? 

The Defaqto rating scores products by giving them one to five stars: 

Star rating Features
One star
Covers the basics, but the features the product provides aren’t great.
Two stars
The product is below average, the features are ok.
Three stars
An average product with adequate features.
Four stars
This is an above-average product and has a good level of features.
Five stars
A high-quality product with a comprehensive level of features.

Keep in mind that Defaqto rates the product, not the provider, customer service or the price of the product. 


How does Confused.com use the Defaqto rating? 

We use the Defaqto rating to help you evaluate the insurance policies we compare. 

Once you’ve entered your details for a travel insurance quote, you’ll get a list of prices for your travel insurance policy. 

You’ll then be able to see the Defaqto rating, which can give you an indication of the quality of cover you’ll get with the policy. 

If you want to go for quality over price, you can filter your results by Defaqto rating. Once you have your prices list, select the star rating you want your policy to be. It’ll then sort your results accordingly. Like this:

Using the Defaqto rating on Confused.com