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‘Dad taxis’ could be earning a fortune in fares

Dads could earn £54.40 a week in fares if they charged their kids for running them around

Posted on 16 Jun 2017

Dads spend 1 hour 40 minutes and cover 40 miles a week driving their kids around, on average.
Dads have traveled as long as 2 hours 3 minutes on average in one trip – the equivalent of a £66.91 fare1.
More than one in 20 (6%) dads admitted to charging their child petrol money. has created the #DadTaxi meter for dads to see just how much they could earn if they charged their children for running them around.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, children across the UK are taking the time to thank their dads for their love, support – and endless taxi services.

New research from, the no.1 site for car savings, reveals dads spend 1 hour 40 minutes a week running their kids around in the car. And according to’s #DadTaxi meter, which calculates how much you could earn according to the time you spend driving, dads would receive a £54.402 weekly fare (£13.60 a day) if they were a paid taxi driver.

However, the research also found dads are spending a little less time in the car with their kids than mums, who are spending 2 hours a week doing their share of the taxiing around. On a usual week, dads cover 40 miles on average dropping off and picking up their kids, with mums travelling 5 miles more (45 miles).

However, it seems that dads have drawn the short straw when it comes to longer shifts. The research reveals the longest journey dads have driven to pick up and drop off their children lasted an average of 2 hours 3 minutes, which would earn them a whopping £66.91 for the one trip. In contrast, the longest trip mums have taken to drive their children lasted only 1 hour 43 minutes on average, which would still earn them £56.03. And even though nearly one in five (18%) dads say they share the chore of driving their children around with their partner, half (50%) say they do the majority of the taxiing.  

And even though some dads run their kids around out of the goodness of their heart, it seems some dads have become wise to the amount of running around they actually do, and are charging their child money to cover the cost of fuel. In fact, one in 20 (6%) dads have admitted they have done this and a further one in eight (12%) say they would if their child had a job.

But for the most part it seems that ‘daddy taxi’ services are all for a good cause. The majority of their time is spent driving their kids to school, taking an average of 19 minutes a week – which would be a £10.34 fare. Dads also spend on average 16 minutes a week taking their kids to visit the grandparents – a £8.70 fare – and 15 minutes to sports practice or matches, which would cost them £8.16. Two in five (43%) dads also often find themselves taking their child to work, taking 9 minutes a week of their time, which would set their kids back £4.90.

Given the amount of time dads are devoting to running their kids around, it is unsurprising that two fifths (43%) say they have had to rearrange their own plans to give a lift to their child. And it seems that children between the age of 7 and 10 are the most reliant on dad taxis compared with any other age group (27%). 

To celebrate Father’s Day, is inviting you to show your appreciation to dads for their hard work and taxi services with the chance to win a driving experience at Silverstone. Share the reason why your dad deserves to win with on Twitter or Instagram (terms and conditions apply3) – using the hashtag #DadTaxi – to be in with a chance of winning.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at, says: “As a parent, it’s not surprising how much time dads spend ferrying their kids around. And given the rising costs of fuel, we wouldn’t be surprised if some dads did feel tempted to start charging their children fares!

“Although the #DadTaxi meter is a tongue-in-cheek way for dads – and mums – to see just how much they could earn in fares, the reality is all drivers are facing increased fuel costs. While we don’t expect parents to be charging their children for petrol money, those who really want to reduce their spend on motoring should compare the costs online using the fuel price comparison.”


Notes to editors
Unless otherwise stated, all figures taken from omnibus research carried out by One Poll on behalf of This was an online poll of 1,767 UK adults with children aged between 0-18 and drive (nationally representative sample). The research was conducted between 2nd June 2017 and 14th June 2017.

All costs are calculated based on 0.554p per minute. The taxi meter calculated a 25 minute journey at £13.60 (£13.60/25 = 0.544).

1. Price based on TFL London minicab tariff - 
2. Price based on the average daily journey (25  minutes) taken by 4 times a week (average amount for dads)
3. Entrants must be 18 years old or over – full terms & conditions at 


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