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Brits set 'sale' after Christmas

More than one in 10 (12%) Brits will wait until after Christmas to buy presents for people in a bid to save money

Posted on 24 Dec 2015

  • More than a quarter (26%) of Brits planning to shop in the sales say they will likely go out on Boxing Day to take advantage of the sales
  • More than a fifth (22%) say they save money before Christmas to ensure they have cash to splash in the sales
  • Nearly a third (29%) will fund their post-Christmas sales shopping with credit cards

For many, Christmas is a time to spoil those closest to you. But for some Brits, the excitement comes in the post-Christmas sales and chance to exercise their thrifty nature. And, according to research by, more than one in 10 (12%) Brits will wait until after Christmas to buy presents for people – so they can save money.

Findings from the leading price comparison site reveal that of those holding off buying presents until the post-Christmas sales, nearly a third (31%) say they knew they weren’t visiting their family until the 27th so knew they could wait until then to buy presents. 

And it’s friends who are the most likely beneficiaries of post-Christmas presents, with more than a third of people (38%) who shop after Christmas saying they do so for their friends. Mums are the second most likely to be bought for during the sales (34%), just ahead of people’s partners (28%).

With half of Brits (50%) admitting they will be shopping in this year’s post-Christmas sales, more than quarter (26%) will be going out as soon after Christmas as possible, on Boxing Day, to take advantage of the bargains. Some hardy Brits (4%) will be making a special effort to be up early on the 26th to spend. However, nearly a third (30%) plan to wait until the 27th December, making this the most popular day for sale shopping. 

And the reasons for shopping in the sales vary. Nearly one in seven (14%) say they will shop in the sales in 2015 for presents for 2016. More than one in 10 (11%) say they prefer buying gifts for people after Christmas because it’s more cost-effective. Nearly one in seven (14%) say they were getting money for Christmas so knew they could afford to shop in the sales. 

While more than a fifth (22%) say they save some of their overall Christmas budget to splash in the sales, nearly a third (29%) will turn to their credit cards to fund their post-Christmas sales spending. 

Shops in London can expect to see the most cash through the tills this sale-season as the average planned sale spend there is £182.

Top five regions for sale spending:
Average sale spend 
Yorkshire and the Humber
Northern Ireland
South East

Indeed, nearly a third (29%) of people spend on their credit cards in the post-Christmas sales. With so many Brits spending on their credit cards before and after Christmas, the start of 2016 might be an opportune time to shop around on for a new deal on your card. 

Nerys Lewis, head of Credit Card at, says:

“For some people, the Boxing Day sales are more exciting than Christmas itself. And for some, they take the opportunity to do their Christmas shopping in the post-season sales. It’s interesting to note that when it comes to credit card spending, Brits plan on spending a large proportion of their post-Christmas spending on their plastic. 

“With so many Brits rushing out on Boxing Day to spend some money, Christmas is set to be a time of heavy spending. When the New Year starts, many Brits might be taking a closer look at their finances. Websites like offer people the chance to compare different credit cards for all types of needs. And it might be the tonic people need for their financial hangovers.”


Notes to Editors
Unless otherwise stated, all figures taken from omnibus research carried out by One Poll research on behalf of This was an online poll of 2,000 UK adults (nationally representative sample). The research was conducted between 6th November and 10th November and 8th December and 9th December 2015.

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