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Jamie Gibbs

13 custom motorbike helmets that you'd give your right arm to own


Giving your motorbike helmet a custom paint job is one thing. But these noggin shields are something else entirely.

Custom helmets

Not only is riding without a helmet a silly thing to do, it’s also illegal. That said, if you’re going to protect your bonce, why not do it in style?

Here are a baker’s dozen of the sickest custom helmets we could find.

Bear in mind that not all of these helmets will be road legal in the UK, so make sure you’re not breaking the law before you fork out on one, okay?

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster motorbike helmet

Not sure if he’s safe to ride with eyes like that.


TRON motorbike helmet

With this piece of kit, nobody can build a circuit that can hold you.

Metal mohawk

Mohawk motorbike helmet 

Show your punk allegiance without getting helmet hair.

Your own head

Bald motorbike helmet

We won’t lie, this one is mildly disturbing.


Batman motorbike helmet


It’s not the helmet you need, but the helmet you deserve.

Cursed knight

 Knight motorbike helmet

Getting this thing on and off is probably a real knight-mare.

Biker Mice from Mars

Alien motorbike helmet

Yes, we know it looks like Shrek’s Martian cousin. Yes, we’d wear it proudly.

Master Chief

Halo Master Chief motorbike helmet

For added authenticity with the Halo video game series, ride with a Windows Phone and have Cortana give you sass for the whole journey.


Predator motorbike helmet 

Get to the chopper!


Demon motorbike helmet  

For when you take the name “Hell’s Angel” a little too seriously.

Japanese Oni mask

Oni motorbike helmet

What better way to terrify your fellow riders than with this face mask?

Chinese lion

What’s more fun than a helmet that looks like a Chinese lion? A helmet that looks like a Chinese lion with flashing LED eyes, of course.

Pillion extreme

Pillionmotorbike helmet 

This is taking “eyes in the back of your head” to a whole new level.

Which custom helmet do you think is the best? Cast your vote in our battle poll below!


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