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Blog: Driving test horror stories


Isabelle Guarella from miDrive looks into some of the most cringeworthy moments you could possibly have on your driving test. 

scared woman driving

The driving test can be an emotional experience and there's something about the pressure of a driving test which makes people do funny things .

Maybe you kissed your examiner when they told you you'd passed, put your windscreen wipers on instead of the indicators, or forgot your left and right.

Your test, however, probably doesn't compare to the real-life horror stories you're about to read.

Tactical gear changing

James took his driving test in a Daewoo Matiz, a motor not exactly known for its roomy interior.

When James got in the driving seat, he quickly discovered there was an issue.

His examiner was a lot bigger than his instructor and, when changing into second gear, he found his hand brushing against the examiner's leg.

So, what did he do? He avoided second gear like the plague, and changed from third to fifth gear the whole way.

He didn't tell us what was wrong with fourth gear, but why leave a job half done?

The examiner didn't seem to mind his technique though, as James went on to pass.

Rules of the road


Dani embarked on her driving test feeling confident. 

Having remembered to leave the heels at home this time and arriving at the test centre in good time, she assured herself it was fifth time lucky.

With one parallel park down and some of her least favourite junctions tackled it was going well, and that pink licence seemed closer than ever. 

While Dani was dreaming about what car she would buy, the examiner directed her to "go right around the roundabout, taking the third exit". 

Simple. Indicate right, check mirrors, all clear, and go.

"STOP" the examiner squealed, slamming the dual-control brakes on and reaching desperately for the wheel.

There they were, facing the wrong way on the roundabout, having brought the whole thing to a standstill.

"I wasn't meant to turn right, was I?" Dani asked. "No, Danielle, you weren't", the examiner replied, unbuckling her seatbelt and declaring the test abandoned.

Danielle did go on to pass, but it was number 11 that proved to be lucky for her.

Avoid foliage

scared man driving

Leon's driving test was going well. His manoeuvres had been completed, he had made a successful emergency stop and his clutch control was perfect.

What he hadn't accounted for, however, was nature.

Due to a road blockage, Leon was forced to perform another turn in the road.

Having completed the manoeuvre earlier on in the test, he was feeling confident - a little too confident, perhaps, as he failed to spot the protruding tree branch behind him.

Needless to say, the branch went straight through the back windscreen, causing the examiner to abandon the test.

Leon reluctantly made his way back to the test centre, trying to think of a way to explain this to his instructor.

An unidentified animal falling out of a tree seemed like the most reasonable explanation, so that's what he went with.

There's no word on whether he was with the same instructor when he returned for his second test.


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