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Top 10 motoring apps that make life on the road that much easier


Get motoring and biking information direct to your smartphone via these handy apps.

Phone app main screen

Motoring apps are one of the wonders of modern technology.

They ensure that when you're on the go you have access to all the information you need, whether that's finding a cheap parking spot or avoiding traffic jams.

In general, they're free or inexpensive - so there's no excuse not to make the most of your phone.

AA Parking

Find the cheapest and most convenient parking options near you, as well as real-time updates on how many spaces are left at certain car parks.

iPhone and Android - £1.49

Honest John Motoring Advice

honest john app

Honest John, a motoring columnist for The Daily Telegraph, offers car tests, road reviews and motoring news.

You can search the Back Room - one of the largest motoring forums in the UK - and get your motoring questions answered on your iPhone.

iPhone – free


With fuel prices soaring we all want to fill up as cheaply as possible. Whatever your location, this app gives you details of nearby petrol stations and the lowest fuel prices.

iPhone and Android - free

Fill That Hole – by CTC

Whether you're a motorist or motorcyclist, potholes are an annoying and dangerous menace.

This app lets you photograph them and sends the details to the relevant authorities. The CTC cyclists' charity then badgers them to get them fixed. 

iPhone and Android - free

RAC Traffic

rac app

Shows incidents, delays and roadworks for the whole of the UK. You can also view any problems on the in-built map, and look at the options for avoiding them. A must for a hassle-free journey.

iPhone and Android - free

Road Trip Lite

A fast, easy and free app for tracking your mileage and fuel economy. Gives details of how much you've spent in a day, or on an individual journey.

iPhone – free

Parking location by Google Now

There are more than a few apps that'll show you where you parked and charge you for the privilege of using it. Luckily, Google's app lets you figure out where your car is parked.

If you normally use Google Now for other things, the app might even do this automatically for you.

Android - free

LogBook by Astrid Klein

logbook app

This app lets you track your rides, looking at distance, journey time and your personal riding patterns such as speeding and acceleration. You're also able to share details of your rides with friends.

iPhone - £1.49

Best Biking Roads – by Static Motion

Find great motorcycling roads in the UK and abroad using this popular app. Over 7,500 route reviews and the opportunity to add your own favourites.

iPhone - £2.99

Theory Test – Driving Test Success by Focus Multimedia

theory app

Before you hit the road you'll need to pass your driving test. This app helps you revise for your theory and hazard perception test when you're on the go.

It contains all the theory test questions, lets you take mock tests and gives feedback on your performance. 

iPhone - free


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