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05 Nov 2020
Jamie Gibbs Alice Campion

9 creative gift ideas for people who drive a lot

 A selection of gifts for drivers 

Put down that half-price engine oil and buy these far more creative car accessories for your loved ones.

This article contains affiliate links. If you buy any products via these links, we may earn a small commission at no cost to you. 

We get it - buying gifts is hard. And with new gadgets coming out every year, it's confusing trying to figure out what to buy your loved ones. 

But if you know someone who likes spending time in their car, you're in luck. Here are some fun and useful gifts that'll be sure to put a smile on their face - all for under £20! 

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Car dehumidifier

Car dehumidifier

Ok, so it’s not a cool gadget that will turn your car into Optimus Prime - but condensation is a pain. This gift could be perfect for someone whose car is like a scene from The Mist. 

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Check prices for dehumidifiers on Amazon



Ice scraper with mitt 

Ice scraper mit

If they love the ritual of scraping ice off their windscreen, why not make it a little less harsh on the ol’ paws with this ice scraper mitt. 

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Faraday pouch – key fob guard

Faraday pouch

Stop thieves hacking your car with this nifty key fob guard, useful for any car that uses keyless entry. 

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Check prices for faraday pouches on Amazon



Beikell phone holder 

Beikell phone holder

Getting a decent phone holder is easier said than done.

Suction cups can lose their suction, the magnetic holders sometimes don’t fit. It’s a nightmare – and an unwelcome distraction when driving. 

But the Beikell phone holder comes highly recommended on Amazon, with over 16,000 reviews hitting a 4-and-a-half-star rating. 

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Check prices for Beikell adjustable phone mounts on Amazon



In-car charger 

Car phone charger

This one will fit into the stocking nicely. The charger plugs into your cigarette lighter – you then connect your phone to it via USB.

Handy if you’re using battery-draining map services. 

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Tyre inflator 

Tyre inflator

Plug-in, inflate and go. It’s that easy with this the RAC tyre inflator. It’s also a top hit with reviewers on Amazon. Another practical and useful gift. 

Check prices for tyre inflators on Amazon




Air freshener 

little trees air freshener

Stinky car? No problem. This classic air freshener will turn old car stink into new car smell. A perfect stocking filler for any car-nut. 

Check prices for air fresheners on Amazon




Windscreen protector 

Windscreen cover

Keep their car screen safe – no need to de-ice with this magnetic windscreen protector. 

Check prices for windscreen covers on Amazon




In-car heated blanket 

Heated blanket

If your car’s heating doesn’t quite do the job, this in-car heated blanket could be the answer.

It plugs into the cigarette lighter and starts warming up – keeping you snug on long, cold journeys. 

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