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12 Nov 2019
Adam Bate

11 creative gift ideas for people who drive a lot


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Put down that half-price engine oil and buy these far more creative car accessories for your loved ones.

This article contains affiliate links. If you buy any products via these links, we may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

We get it - buying gifts is hard. And with new gadgets coming out every year, it's nothing short of confusing when trying to figure out what to buy your loved ones.

But if you know someone who likes spending time in their car, you're in luck. Here are some fun and useful gifts that'll be sure to put a smile on their face.

1. An ice scraper with mitt

Waterproof ice scraper 
Check prices for ice scrapers with a mitt on Amazon

If they love the ritual of scraping ice off their windscreen, why not make it a little less harsh on the ol’ paws with this ice scraper mitt.

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2. Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier cushion

Check prices for dehumidifiers on Amazon

No more furiously wiping windows with their sleeve - this nifty cushion prevents Titanic-level steamy windows.

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3. Key fob guard 

 Key fob guard

Check prices for key fob guards on Amazon

Stop thieves hacking your car with this nifty key fob guard, useful for any car that uses keyless entry.

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4. Seat heaters

Heated car seat pad

Check prices for heated seat covers on Amazon

Keep their bums nice and toasty with these seat heaters.

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5. In-car heated blanket

Heated blanket

Check prices for heated blanket on Amazon

Got a cold passenger? This in-car heated blanket could be the answer.

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6. Windscreen protector

screen protector

Check prices for windscreen covers on Amazon

Keep their car screen safe – no need to de-ice with this magnetic windscreen protector.

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7. Car gap filler

car gap filler

Check prices for the gap filler on Amazon

This car gap filler will help put an end to dropping change into the black hole beside the seat.

8. Air fresheners

yankee candle car scent

Check prices for air fresheners on Amazon

Throw out your petrol station pine tree scent and replace it with something far more comforting.

9. Seat belt cushion

seat belt pillow

Check prices for car cushions on Amazon

Sleepy passengers? Let them have a nap in the back seat.

10. Dashboard sticky mounts

dashboard pads

Check prices for dashboard pads on Amazon

Get a grip with these dashboard pads, perfect for storing change that can no longer live in ashtrays.

11. Car dining tray

car tray

Check prices for dining trays on Amazon

Let them dine and dash with this incredibly useful tray.


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