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Car essentials for under £20


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Inexpensive essentials that won't break the bank

Running a car is expensive. MOTs, petrol costs, servicing - it all mounts up.

So, accessories that make driving easier often get pushed to the bottom of the shopping list. And there are so many weird and wonderful gadgets that it's confusing to know what's actually worth getting.

But there are plenty of items for under £20 that'll make your car a more habitable and secure place.

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Nifty and useful 


memory foam seatbelt pads

Memory foam seatbelt pads 

An irritating seatbelt can ruin a drive, whether you're a driver or a passenger. 

These memory foam seatbelt pads will cushion the belt to prevent any sore necks. 

If you’re a passenger, it’ll make an excellent makeshift pillow too. 

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Car cap 

On a cold morning, the last thing you want to do is de-ice your windscreen.

That's where the car cap comes in.Once parked, place the cap over your windows, it should stretch to your rear window.

When you want to set off, remove it and you’re ready to go. No de-icing needed.

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Visor sunglasses holder

Visor sunglasses holder

The sun should be coming out soon - emphasis on 'should'.

To avoid getting dazzled, it’s wise to keep a pair of sunglasses in the car. But where can you keep them that's easy to get to?

You can get a handy holder that attaches to your visor. They'll be within easy reach and won't get lost in the chaos of the glovebox.

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Universal fuel cap 

Losing your fuel cap is a pain. It's not advised to leave it open as dust can get into the engine. So what can you do if you’ve lost yours? 

This universal fuel cap adjusts to fit your fuel filler inlet (where the fuel pump goes). The cap is also MOT assured.

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Secure and protected

Steering wheel lock

Steering wheel lock 

Physical security is often overlooked. But a steering wheel lock will secure your vehicle and act as a visual deterrent for thieves. 

Its compact design means it'll fit in the smallest of cars, but it's robust enough to keep your car secure. 

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Faraday pouch 

A vital buy if your car has keyless entry. People have reported their cars going missing without any sign of a break in. This could be due to a sophisticated theft known as a relay attack. 

Thieves use a device to manipulate the signal transmitted from the keyless fob. They then open the car, start it and drive off.

Storing your keys inside the faraday pouch will block the signal transmitted by your key fob to your car. 

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Window etching service

Window etching service

This service adds an extra layer of security. 

Thieves are 45% less likely to steal your car if it has window etching. If they do manage to steal your car, you're 50% more likely to recover it if it has etching.

The service involves etching a unique code onto each car window. They link the code to a fully certified and secure database. 

Police forces across the UK have access to this database and use it to track stolen vehicles. 

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Neat and tidy

Car bin

Car bin 

If 90% of your litter ends up on the floor, this nifty little bin will be perfect. It fits anywhere inside your car and it's waterproof to prevent any drips.

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boot organiser

Boot organiser

There’s a big temptation to chuck stuff in the boot of your car. Before you know it, it’s full to the brim with old boots, coats and even the odd banana skin. 

This boot organizer will help you keep things in order. It also contains a cooler, handy for any last-minute shopping trips or picnics. 

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