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Matt Ayres

The best dash cams your money can buy in 2017


Prove you’re a safe driver and take advantage of cheaper car insurance deals with these popular dashboard gadgets.

Best dash cams

Nextbase 412GW (£130)

The Nextbase 412GW can record impressive Quad HD footage (2560x1440 pixels), ensuring that any wrongdoing on the road is documented in unmistakable high quality.

It also comes with two mounts, allowing you to switch between cars and bring your dash cam with you wherever you go.

Nextbase 412GW

Mio MiVue 658 (£120)

This dash cam packs in tons of useful features. It has support for a hefty 128GB memory card and a GPS that notifies you when you’re nearing a speed camera.

Integrated WiFi also means it’s simple to send footage to your smartphone for back up.

Mio MiVue 658

Garmin NuviCam (£229)

If you’re in the market for both a dash cam and a sat nav, the Garmin NuviCam has you covered.

As well as saving space on your windscreen, this nifty device has an ample 6-inch screen for viewing footage.

It also includes safety features such as forward-collision and lane-departure warnings.

Garmin NuviCam

RAC 05 (£123)

The RAC 05 is a simple-to-use dash cam that delivers super-HD image quality.

It’s particularly impressive due to its promise of lifetime updates for speed-camera-location alerts.

RAC 05

Cobra CDR 900 (£135)

The Cobra CDR 900 is one of the most versatile and fully-featured dash cams around.

Its compact size is perfect for those who value their windscreen space, and you can control the app remotely through your smartphone.

This super-HD camera also functions perfectly as a GoPro style action camera when you’ve finished driving.

Cobra CDR 900

Nextbase 112 (£42)

At a fraction of the cost of the other products featured here, the 112 is ideal for budget-conscious car owners.

This no-frills camera may not offer the same image quality as most dash cams, but its simple interface and affordable price tag will suit many drivers.

Nextbase 112

Happy driving!


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