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03 Nov 2020
Jamie Gibbs Alice Campion

Best car gadgets for 2020– A gift guide


 selection of gifts

Before you buy your friend who loves car gadgets another beaded car seat cover, read this.

This article contains affiliate links. If you buy any products via these links, we may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

It’s difficult to know what to get that special someone.

Chances are they’ve already got several scented car air fresheners, so what’s a good alternative?

The range of gifts on offer make shopping more than a little confusing.

We’ve scoured the internet for some high-tech and more importantly useful gadgets for people who spend any amount of time in the car.


RAC cordless hoover

RAC hoover


Whether you’re a neat freak, or passive-aggressively buying for a friend with a messy car, the RAC hoover is a great gift.

This wireless and completely portable hoover comes with a crevice tool, squeegee and an upholstery brush so your car will be sparkling in no time.

Check prices for the RAC cordless hoover at B&Q


Syncwire Car Phone holder

Syncwire amazon

Anyone who uses a sat-nav app on their phone will be familiar with the sheer rage induced by the suction failing on your phone mount.

Count to 10 and supress that rage, because this bug-bear will be a thing of the past with the Syncwire car phone holder.

Instead of suction, the holder uses a magnetic pad and adhesive mount to keep your phone secure. You’ll be able to expertly navigate the bumpiest of roads.

Don't forget that you shouldn't use the phone while driving – even if it's mounted.

Check prices for the Syncwire car phone holder on Amazon

Read more: Best in-car phone holders


Motorola MDC150

Motorola dashcam

Our best pick from our 2019 dashcam round up.

The Motorola MDC150 offers 1080p HD video recording with 150-degree lens on a colour 2.0-inch LCD display.

It also continuously records footage, but with the use of a sensor it can detect when there’s a collision. Once detected the MDC150 will store the footage, handy for sussing out who might be at fault.

This nifty dashcam also records in night mode, so you can capture footage in the dark.

Check prices for the Motorola MDC150 on Amazon


eRapta back-up camera

rearview camera


No one enjoys reversing, but the eRapta 2nd generation camera will have you turning around better than Bonnie Tyler.

The eRapta has an adjustable lens which finds the best view for reversing, and has automatic lighting, making your view even better at night.

Check prices for the eRapta back-up camera on Amazon


Universal on-board diagnostics reader

ODB device

A useful tool for any budding mechanic. This OBD comes with high praise from Amazon, scoring just under 5 stars.

The easy interface will help you to sus out exactly what that pesky malfunction indicator light means. All diagnostic results are displayed on a bright and easy to read screen.

The OBD reader covers European, Asian and American vehicles too.

Check prices for the Universal on-board diagnostics reader on Amazon


KitSound Bluetooth Hands free adapter with Alexa


Using the in-built Alexa feature, this device lets you change your music, your map settings and receive calls safely without taking your hands off the wheel.

The KitSound also has charging ports for your phone.

You can link the KitSound to your car through Bluetooth, or connect it through an auxiliary cable. Every type of connection is catered for, except a romantic one.

Check prices for the KitSound Bluetooth adapter on Amazon


Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S sat nav

Garmin sat nav

One of our favourites from our sat nav round up is the Garmin Drive 51 LMTS.

We love this sat nav because it’s simple and straightforward. No extra frills, just Garmin’s excellent navigation system.

Other useful features include a clear 5” screen, life-time map updates and live traffic information.

Check prices for the Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S sat nav on Currys PC world

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