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Jamie Gibbs

13 times you needed a designated Pokémon Go driver


Gotta catch ‘em all – except when you’re at the wheel.

Pokemon Go in the car

Pokémon Go is addictive. So addictive that a lot of people can’t stop playing, even when they’re driving. That’s definitely not a good idea.

So, if you find yourself in any of the following situations you obviously need a designated Pokémon Go driver!

When road warnings apply to you specifically:

When you have to warn other drivers about your antics:

When the police can spot your Poké-driving style a mile away:

And you think they’ll sympathise with your plight:

When you replace your car's air freshener with a Lapras:

When you’ll drive anywhere – ANYWHERE – to catch that Meowth:

When you feel like you need to consult this diagram regularly:

A tweet about Pokemon Go

Adapted from @MineCassiex3

When you think it’s totally normal for everyone to be doing the exact same thing:

When it becomes a natural part of your driving regime:

When you even have time to take a photo of the Pokémon you’re catching:

When you see team rivalries on the road:

When it doubles your commute time:

When you cause actual damage to your car:

Of course, be careful who you choose as your designated driver – it could backfire spectacularly:


So here's to you, designated Pokémon drivers of the world!


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