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Adam Davies

17 things that prove Britain is the weirdest place in the world to drive


From giant octopodes to dogs driving tractors, here is irrefutable proof that Blighty's roads are proper strange.

Map of Britain

1. For starters, we drive on the right side (which is the left side):

2. Driving in our cities has its moments of peculiarity:

3. Especially in London:

4. And countryside driving isn't much better:

5. We take our roundabouts seriously:

6. It's not just the cars that have parking spaces:

7. Not even Maccy D's is safe from our inherent weirdness:

8. But at least we're a safety first bunch #priorities:

9. Particularly when it comes to Her Majesty's pets:

10. For every celebrity you see on the road:

11. There's a nude octogenarian:

12. Or an exotic pet:

13. The motorways are where the real weirdness is at:

14. Then you'll see something far away and think, is it a bird?:

15. Is it a plane?:

16. Er, no. It's Superman:

17. Oh, and you don't need to be human to drive:


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