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12 Apr 2017
Matt Ayres Matt Ayres

11 times pets were the best driving companions


These cute critters want to come on your next road trip.

dog passenger

Ever get bored of other humans in your car? You know how it is: you’re there, driving other people around like some kind of benevolent road god…

And they’re sat in the passenger seat moaning about how they can’t get enough signal on their phone to send a Snapchat selfie.

We hear you, so we thought we’d suggest some other, more grateful ones who might like to join you on your journeys.

Disclaimer: cannot be held responsible for chewed sat navs, clawed windscreens or car-seat puddles that may arise as a result of this article.

This well-behaved boy who always closes the door behind him

police dog

This waggy-tailed woofer who just wants to fix your broken car

dog mechanic

This sleepy pup who’d be wonderful company if he could just keep his eyes open

brown labrador

This chilled furball who makes the cutest dashboard accessory

cat in car

This hard-working hound who will help you out in a spot of bother

dog pulling car

This clever canine who will literally be your driver

dog driving

This feathered friend who wants to replace your sat nav

chicken driving

This pimpin’ puss who prefers the hood life

cat on bonnet

This scaly passenger who reminds you that safety should always come first

reptile in car

This feisty moggy who will keep your amused on your road trip

cat windscreen

And finally, this radical road dog who loves to feel the wind through his… gums?

dog enjoying drive

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