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22 Jun 2017
Adam Bate

11 things all Welsh drivers know to be true


Only in Wales / Dim ond yng Nghymru

 welsh twitter

There’s something very special about driving in Wales. Whether it’s the bilingual signs or sharing the road with livestock, you definitely know when you’re in sunny Cymru.

1. Ewe in the way, butt

sheep on road

2. The extra-big road signs to fit both English and Welsh in.

wrong translation 

Even though this one is an out of office message, not a translation.

3. Creative thinking

dog walking 

4. Let’s not even start on the weather

weather in wales

5. Or sheep…

sheep passenger

6. Classic Wales

sunny wales

7. You just got to laugh


8. Hopefully you won’t need Google Maps

no signal

9. Living here has its ups and downs


10. Entering Wales is like entering a theme park – you only pay on the way in


11. This sentence also makes perfect sense to us

now in a minute

But we wouldn’t have it any other way – what a glorious sight to behold!

welcome to wales


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