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Lia Schopmeyer - Digital marketing executive at

10 of the most ridiculous car names


Hey, want to jump into my Lettuce?


Mustang, Viper and Ghost are some of the more truly ingenious names for cars. But not all motors were created equal.

We found the most ridiculous names which made us go: "Why?"


1. Renault LeCar

It’s no LeJoke.


2. Honda That’s

...what? An unfinished sentence? Yes, but also the name of this car.

honda that's

3. Ford Probe

Oh my!

ford probe

4. Mazda Dump Truck

Not a car but it deserves a mention because it got dumps like a truck, truck, truck!

dump truck

5. Honda Life Dunk

The name is definitely not a slam dunk.

life dunk

6. Renault Wind

They probably thought of the wind blowing in your hair as you drive this car. But all we can think of is how we should've avoided the Vindaloo last night.

renault wind

7. Bongo Friendee

Looks more like autocorrect to us.

bongo friendee

8. Mitsubishi Lettuce

None of your five-a-day.


9. Volkswagen Thing

Not to be confused with The Thing, more just, you know? Thingybob?

vw thing

10. Dodge Kahuna

The only thing that comes to mind is that it's one tasty burger.


pulp fiction

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