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Jamie Gibbs

Supercars: Expectation vs. reality


Your supercar’s turning heads. But instead of cruising on a racetrack, you’re stuck at a red light. 

super car in traffic

Supercars: beautiful machines with incredible engines, capable of reaching earth-shattering speeds. So, what’s not to like? Well as much as we love them, they can be a little difficult in everyday situations. 

Want to hear the sound of a supercar in high-definition? We pitted a Ferrari 458, an Aston Martin Rapide and an Audi R8 against one another in the Supercar Sound Battle.

Supercar Sound Battle banner

Expectation: Low suspension means great aerodynamics! 

super car stuck on speed bump

Reality: Speed bumps

full article on the Daily Mail website

Expectation: Doing doughnuts in a plume of dust.

Reality: Remortgaging your house to get it cleaned afterwards. 

Expectation: Ah! The open road...

Reality: Maybe not

Expectation: All that power! 

Reality: Driving at 10mph through traffic. 

Expectation: Everyone staring at your beautiful car. 


Reality: Everyone staring at your beautiful car and seeing you mining for nose gold.

Expectation: Limited visibility? No problem! I’ll never need to reverse.

Reality: Whoops!

Expectation: Sunglasses on, smooth ride


Reality: Walking around like a cowboy. That suspension is not bum-friendly.

Expectation: A cup holder? Why would I need a cup holder? I’m in a supercar!

Reality: Starting that engine at 5am and waking up your neighbours.

It’s worth it though. That car is your pride and joy, and despite its impracticality, you love it. That’s all that matters. Even if you can’t fit your dog in it.


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