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Dan Izzard

9 stunning car parks that are almost too good to park in


How many car parks do you remember parking in? Not many? These car parks on the other hand are truly unforgettable.

Autostadt - Wolfsburg


You don’t pick the car parking spot. The car parking spot picks you! Mesmerising and shiny. And we like shiny.

Michigan Theatre - Detroit

detroit theatre


Straight out of Detroit! Featured in the film 8 Mile, the Michigan Theatre has character in bags. Grab your black-and-white film camera and get that elusive angle of a rusty fender reflection in a puddle. What a shot.

Parc des Célestins – France

france car park

A cathedral dedicated to combustion engines. If car parks had feelings, we’d applaud this one and tell it to keep up the good work. Watch this car manoeuvring through it.

The Cube - Birmingham

birmingham car park


No, not a driving version of that TV game show, although that would be pretty good. The Cube is an automated car park right here in the UK!

If you think about it, automated systems are actually saving you petrol. Looks and brains.

1111 Lincoln Road – Miami

miami car park


Miami is full of beautiful people, and beautiful people seemingly also need beautiful car parks. Lincoln Road also has a sea view and we want to marry it.

Q Park Charles Street - Sheffield

cheese grater car park

Winning the title of FX Magazine’s ‘World’s Coolest Car Park 2013’, the Q Park Charles Street car park is affectionately known as ‘The Cheese Grater’.

It’s unclear as to whether anyone has successfully tested the validity of this name with a block of cheddar.

Millennium Point – Birmingham

birmingham car park

Millennium Point isn’t quite the glimpse of the future we all dreamed of as kids. But it is pretty. It also glows blue in the dark, which is handy if you’ve forgotten which building you’ve parked in.

Parkhaus Engelenschanze - Münster

germany car park

There’s a waterfall and courtyard hidden somewhere inside the Parkhaus, which we’re calling the car-park-park.

It has an all-glass exterior to fill the space with natural light, and sounds like the perfect spot for a picnic if we’re honest.

The Garage from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off - Chicago

Technically not a car park as such as it’s privately owned. But this one sneaks into the list because of its cult status alone.

The garage itself was auctioned off for $2.3 million. And the car… Well the Ferrari California in the film was actually a reproduction made to order, but the real thing would cost you over $10 million.

Which makes the garage seem like good value.


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