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15 Jun 2018
Lia Schopmeyer - Digital marketing executive at Lia Kelly

9 outrageous Pimp My Ride cars that were just bang out of order


Let’s walk down memory lane and look at the best or worst West Coast Custom has delivered.


For a brief moment in time, MTV and Xzibit made us all believe that yes, it is possible to turn your old banger into an exciting ride that could impress your friends. They were the good times.

1. Not the foggiest

Of course creating thick fog right in front of your car, therefore blocking the view, is a stellar idea for any driver.

fog car

2. Cinematic

Ever sat in your car and wanted freshly popped popcorn? No, neither have we. Also, a device that heats up like crazy in your backseat? Yeah, go on.

popcorn in car

3. Game of pool?

Don’t forget to put your pound coin down.

pool back of truck

But we can’t help thinking the poor soul was actually asking for this.

simpsons mobile pool

4. Chocolate fountain

Charm your love interest with a candlelit dinner, a rose and a chocolate fountain… at the back of your car.

chocolate fountain car

5. LED fenders

Like sure, why not?

led fenders

6. Tons and tons of Shake n’ Vac

Keep that carpet fresh.

 carpet car

7. Coffin BBQ

This person owns a hearse. So they put a coffin in it. But it’s actually a grill. Don’t ask.

coffin bbq

8. Hot tub

If only he could also go back in time in this to avoid having a hot tub installed in the first place.

hot tub car

9. X-ray vision

Back story to this: the owner of the car is a nurse, so of course West Coast Custom thought a mobile CT scan would be an ideal, nay, necessary addition.

ct scan car

Bonus shout out for Tim Westwood who brought “Pimp My Ride” to the UK.

tim westwood



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