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Lia Schopmeyer - Digital marketing executive at

7 emotions every driver can relate to


A day of driving can be a serious roller coaster of emotions.

sad driver

When you have every intention to have a good day on the road, but then…

1. Joy is quickly followed by crashing disappointment.

good day

Still, you pick yourself up and try to make the best of things…

2. And you feel and act so generous, you’re basically a saint.

3. But then unexpected things cause complete and utter panic.

4. And the universe continues to test you and you see red.

me while driving

5. Then anger turns into anxiety when you have to do a tricky manoeuvre.

6. Until your favourite sad song comes on and you remember everyone who’s ever wronged you.

7. But it takes one little thing and you feel so happy and in tune with the world again.

Everything is right again and you finish your journey a much wiser person, for now…

Ever wondered how your emotions affect your driving? Check out our driving emotions tool to find out how your behaviour on the road changes with different emotions.

different types of driving emotions


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