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27 Jul 2016
Jamie Gibbs Nik Andreev

Driving licences around the world


Here’s what drivers around the world drive with…

British driving licence 

In Britain we have it easy. You learn with a driving instructor, or a parent, take a couple of tests and… voilà! You’re a driver.

But did you know that in Finland it takes at least two years of training to obtain a full licence? Learners have to take night-driving courses, learn how to control the car in skids, and know how to get the car running if it breaks down.

All UK drivers know learning to drive feels like riding the longest rollercoaster of emotions.

But what do drivers from around the world have to contend with?

Hawaii: You know you’re driving in paradise when your driver’s licence has a rainbow on it.

Hawaii driving licence

Japan: Some driving licences are very bland…

Japan driving licence

Image source: Chucking Bowls

India: very bland.

India driving licence

Adapted from @divyamell

Guatemala: They told me I could be anything, so I became a driving licence.

Guatemala driving licence

Russia: Wearing a colander isn’t mandatory.

Russia driving licence

Adapted from @EnglishRussia1

Congo: If you get lost, you can always use the map.

Congo driving licence

Adapted from @ndingaobagaby

Indonesia: Licencing office be like “We’re not sure what information to include, so we’ll have it all.”

Indonesia driving licence

Adapted from @vickync95

Namibia: The only country where your small clone gets a driver’s licence too.

Namibia driving licence

Adapted from @CossieH

China: Something tells me this licence won’t survive wear and tear.

China driving licence

Adapted from @Ccurry_lin

New Mexico: Just don’t ask traffic police to say your name.

New Mexico driving licence

Bikini Bottom: Patrick’s hair is definitely not pink.

Bikini Bottom driving licence

Adapted from @Dito_JanZootopia

Zootopia: The sloths at the DMV probably took weeks to get this done.

Zootopia driving licence

Adapted from @speishi

Great Britain: A piece of history.

Old Great Britain driving licence

Adapted from @RiaJane_


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