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Adam Jolley

‘Daddy taxis’ could be earning £54 a week in fares


Fathers spend an average of 1 hour 40 minutes running their kids around in the car every week.

Father driving with daughter in the back seat

The near-constant ferrying of offspring back and forth from various engagements can often leave dads feeling like a taxi service.

Well, new research reveals exactly how much the average dad could earn in fares if he were indeed running his own cab. has invented its own “Dad Taxi’” meter that calculates how much you could earn according to the time you spend driving.

It found dads could be earning £54.40 a week – or £13.60 a day – if they were, admittedly cruel enough, to charge their kids for running them around.

Mums play taxi too

But despite the name, it’s not just dads that are offering up the family car as a mini-cab.

The research also found mums spend a significant amount of time doing their share of the taxiing around – two hours per week in fact.

In a usual week, mothers travel 45 miles for their children.

This is five miles more than dads, who clock up an average of 40 miles when dropping off and picking up their kids.

Longest journeys over two hours

However, it seems that dads have drawn the short straw when it comes to longer shifts. 

The research reveals the longest journey dads have driven to pick up and drop off their children lasted an average of 2 hours 3 minutes.

This would earn them £66.91 for the one trip. 

By contrast, the longest trip mums have taken to drive their children lasted 1 hour 43 minutes on average, which would still earn them £56.03. 

One in 20 dads charge their kids for petrol

Nearly one in five (18%) dads say they share the chore of driving their children around with their partner.

Although half say they do the majority of the taxiing.  

While many would see it as part and parcel of being a parent, it seems a small minority do in fact ask their kids to cover the cost of the extra journeying.

One in 20 dads have admitted they have done this. And a further one in eight said they would if their child had a job.

Majority of time spent on the school run

Children between the age of seven and 10 are the most reliant on ‘daddy taxi’ services, the research found. 

And the majority of time is spent on the school run, taking an average of 19 minutes a week – which would be a £10.34 fare. 

Dads also spend on average 16 minutes a week taking their kids to visit the grandparents – a £8.70 fare. 

And 15 minutes is spent going to sports practice or matches, which would cost them £8.16. 

Two in five (43%) dads also often find themselves taking their child to work, taking nine minutes a week of their time, which would set their kids back £4.90.

Rising cost of fuel

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at, says: “As a parent, it’s not surprising how much time dads spend ferrying their kids around. 

“And given the rising cost of fuel, we wouldn’t be surprised if some dads did feel tempted to start charging their children fares!”

To help save money on fuel, Amanda urges drivers to compare costs online using’s fuel price comparison service.


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