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27 Oct 2017
Jamie Gibbs Alice Campion

11 creepy dashcam videos that’ll give you chills


We’ve rounded up some of the creepiest dashcam videos from the internet. So turn off the lights, grab a pillow and prepare to be scared!

 scary dash cam

1.Clowning around 

Ronald McDonald's gone rogue

2.Hooded man in the road

That barking is almost demonic.

3.Phantom Hitchhiker

Reports say this mysterious figure could be the ghost of an RAF pilot.

4. Teleportation

No one can work out where he came from

5.Ghost car chase 

How do you arrest a ghost?

6.Strange figure 

People have speculated that the figure is an Orang Pednek, a cryptozoological animal.

7. Another teleporting car 

Who's making these cars?

8.Creepy cults

Warning: Bad language is used in this clip, viewer discretion is advised.


9.Yoga ghost

An ominous figure sat in the lotus pose in the middle of the road.

10.Not yeti

Yeti or a person on a snowy midnight hike? We’ll leave that to you to decide.

11.Witch is it?

We wouldn’t stick around if we saw this in the middle of a deserted road.


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