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25 Apr 2017
Adam Bate

10 concept cars that should have been mass produced


These concept cars were made for display at motor shows, the true one-offs of the motoring world.

audi locus

In a parallel universe, they leapt from the imaginations of their designers to be bought and enjoyed by the whole population. Here’s where you might see them.

1. Cadillac Sixteen (2003)

Cruising past you in the middle lane of the M5 toward Birmingham, with three kids in the back

cadillac sixteen

2. Dodge Deora Concept (1967)

Owned by a plumber from Letchworth, full of spanners, pipes and tabloid newspapers.

dodge deora

3. Dodge Tomahawk (2003)

Parked outside the library in Carlisle by a pensioner who’s far cooler than you.

dodge tomahawk

4. Lamborghini Athon (1980)

Roger Moore’s car as he makes a triumphant return to the Bond franchise in Goldeneye.

lamborghini athon

5. Rolls Royce Vision 100 (2016)

Double-parked outside Harrods by someone you recognise from reality TV.

rolls royce vision 100

6. Ford GT90 (1995)

The weekend track weapon of someone who owns a successful chain of moustache-waxing salons across the west country.

ford gt90

7. Mini Superleggera Vision (2015)

The car in a poster on your bedroom wall, vying for space with Bowie... No, wait, this one’s real. They’re actually making it.

mini superleggera vision

8. Audi Locus (2007)

Six inches off your back bumper in traffic on the M25.

audi locus

9. Ford Interceptor Concept (2007)

The getaway car in the latest Jason Statham movie, a film rightly nominated for five Oscars.

ford interceptor

10. Volkswagen Aqua

In reality the product of a Chinese design competition sponsored by Volkswagen, this is surely King George’s personal vehicle as he travels across the Great British Archipelago after sea levels rise.

volkswagen aqua


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