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12 Feb 2016
David Rendell - Digital marketing executive at Dave Rendell

13 cars that got trashed by 'the ex'


Revenge - a dish best served on cars, apparently.

cars that got trashed by 'the ex' hero


Here are 14 times jilted lovers punished their cheating partners. And their cars...

Car lovers, look away now.

1. Revenge gives you wings

Car covered in sanitary napkins


I asked if he’d stay with me forever, he said “Always”.

2. Speed holes

Car covered in pickaxes


This jilted lover sure can pick ‘em.

3. ForJetta' bout it

Car sprayed on


Liar liar- at least your car’s not on fire.

4. Two-for-one

Trashed car


Using revenge to kick-start her own business, and it’s booming.

5. No money, mo' problems

Ruined car


Every Dave has his day? Not this one.

6. Paint job

Paint spilled in a car


"Orange you glad I used washable paint?"

7. Two words

Trashed car


Never mind liar, liar, pants on fire - this is cheater liar flat tyre...

8. L'Oreal, and four separate panels

Trashed car


Because your cheating ex is worth it.

9. Audi X-partner

Spilled paint over a car


Green with jealous rage? Or just another Audi hater?

10. Snack attack

Food spilled over a car


Looks almost good enough to eat.

11. Truckload of guilt

Trashed truck


Might struggle to pick-up the ladies in this.

12. Picky about your cars?

Pickaxe stuck in a car's roof


Where do these pick axes come from? Is there a sale on for revenge-filled spouses?

13. April fool

Sprayed on car


Ugly enough to be a modern art masterpiece.


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